<![CDATA[Stretch your budget AND live better! - What I Got Free Today]]>Tue, 09 Feb 2016 20:35:22 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[2/4/16]]>Fri, 05 Feb 2016 00:41:45 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/2416No picture today since there are so many things that will be reviewed later.
  • two coupons for $5 off Science Diet dog food (I simply sent them a compliment)
  • six products that I will be reviewing
  • one book I'm reviewing
  • Cottonelle wipes sample
  • one pack of Red Bull from settlement

<![CDATA[1/30/16]]>Sat, 30 Jan 2016 16:28:31 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/13016
Today I received:
  • a full size box of o.b. tampons
  • a coupon for a free box of o.b. tampons
  • several samples of U by kotex tampons and liners
  • two coupons for $1 off Traditional Medicinals tea (I just sent them a nice compliment to get these)
  • Tom's of Maine soap bar
  • Tom's of Maine lip balm (my dog tried to eat the lid, so that's swhy the lid wasn't on it in the picture.)
<![CDATA[1/27/2016]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2016 18:33:31 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/1272016
The pictured free samples came from PinchMe. You can join and get samples too! Use my referral code if you want! 4PD7F
  • Olay Body Wash
  • ZzzQuil trial size
  • Bag of Purina One Smartblend (tip: always request pet food samples because even if your animal is picky, there is always a shelter happy to take what your animal wasn't happy with. )
  • items for review (not pictured, but will be soon on the review page)
  • the book The Tumor by John Grisham (not pictured. free to raise awareness, I think they're still available) 
<![CDATA[Street Team Rewards]]>Sat, 23 Jan 2016 04:56:50 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/street-team-rewardsPicture
The album I'm holding in that picture was a reward I redeemed for my street team work doing little social media promotional help for a band I love. Doing  some tasks for them that I was happy to do got me a free CD!

Many bands, brands, and other websites have loyalty and street teams that reward you for spreading the word when you love something. So keep your eyes out on websites for links to sign up as a street team member for the bands an brands you are passionate about.

<![CDATA[Medical Freebies]]>Thu, 14 Jan 2016 11:25:59 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/medical-freebies
Let's talk medical freebies! If you or a member of your household has a medical condition, there are many freebies available to you. You just have to know where to look. Try making a list of the brand name medications that you and your family takes regularly and then look up their websites. Some of them will have kits available with information AND extras. 

I carry an Epipen and have carried one regularly for many years, so the freebie above was exciting. When you register your Epipen, you can receive a free carrier and cards to carry notifying others of the information. (still available, btw! Just head to their website.)

The other freebie in the photo is a spiralbound calendar from The NIH institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. I was able to select one that was customized to my background and the back has stickers to help me remember important appointments. 

These are just what I received yesterday. There are a lot available. 
If you, like myself, have a condition that requires expensive specialty pharmacy medicine- stay on  mailing lists because manufacturers will occasionally invite me to dinners at  restaurants to hear about their new developments for free or offer info kits that come with goodies.

​Don't miss out on the benefits that are already there!
<![CDATA[04/07/15]]>Tue, 07 Apr 2015 23:08:21 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/040715 Picture
Here are some recent freebies I've received!

  • Friskies cat food sample (if you don't have a pet, please consider collecting pet food samples for your local shelter)

  • Coupon for a free Seeds of Change product
  • Purina One dog food sample from Smiley360
  • Coupon for a free 8-lb. bag of Purina One dog food from Smiley360
  • Valspar paint sample with roller and tray (yes, another one. These are awesome for small projects.)
  • Neutrogena facial cleansing wipes from Influenster
  • Gift cards to Subway and Outback that I got for redeeming my airline reward miles instead of taking a flight. I don't fly anymore unless I absolutely have to, so there will be far more useful to me!
  • items for review (not pictured because you'll see them later)

<![CDATA[Some new freebies I've gotten]]>Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:18:39 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/some-new-freebies-ive-gotten

  • two bags of Waggin Train dog treats
  • a set of work pencils with my carved initials
  • one package of carefree liners from Influenster
  • tea tray and accessory from winning a Celestial Seasonings Badge on Influenster.
  • Kindle Fire 6 for review along with ebook reviews.
  • Batman Easter basket (only partially pictured) from kmart topcashback deal. Spent $14 and will get $26 back. The headphones and velvet bag are awesome. I would have pictured the taffy, but I ate it. :)
  • Magazines. I always get a lot, but W, Rolling Stone, and OK! are my favorites that I've read lately mailed to me for free.

<![CDATA[Recent free goodies!]]>Wed, 18 Mar 2015 17:58:36 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/recent-free-goodies Picture
I'm always getting a large amount of free items in addition to my reviewing and I often forget to post about them because it can be time consuming, but I remembered this time! 

Here are a few of my favorite recent freebies:

  • ACE Valspar Pain sample, rollers, tray, and coupon. (Will be using this for small projects like revitalizing vintage frames and sconces.)
  • four bags of specially formulated dog food (would have been $64 without the promotion)
  • Energy gum
  • Nutella settlement check (small one. obviously not pictured)
  • My free birthday meal from Lee's chicken was awesome. I got two pieces, two sides, and a biscuit all for being in their birthday club. I get a bunch of birthday offers, but this one was especially tasty!

<![CDATA[New Freebies Recieved Yesterday]]>Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19:50:29 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/new-freebies-recieved-yesterday
The shoes pictured above were purchased with a Schoola credit to be completely free. It is a donated kid's clothing site, but I found shoes in my size in the high schooler section of the website. Each purchase benefits school programs, so it was great to use and I would definitely recommend. 
You can get your own $15 credit by clicking my affiliate link: http://www.schoola.com/stitch?ref=cp-3X121mP6D

Total list of my freebies:
  • cream colored leather pumps
  • black and white polka dot wedges
  • three tea samples from twinnings 
  • review items (will be posted about in product reviews)
  • rebate visa card from buying something at staples

What have you gotten free in the mail this week?
<![CDATA[What I Got For Free Yesterday]]>Tue, 06 Jan 2015 16:56:24 GMThttp://stretchyourbudgetandlivebetter.weebly.com/what-i-got-free-today/what-i-got-for-free-yesterday
Yesterday, I had a really fun mail day. Some items are pictured while others are not. 
If you want sushi socks like mine, please use my referral link here:  https://otakumode.com/invite/27410d
  • Personalized card game tin and cards from Marlboro
  • Sushi socks bought with free credit from Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • Pin, notecard, and folder were free extras also from Tokyo Otaku Mode just thrown in with my order. Super nice touch.
  • lots of review items (not pictured as several of which will be posted about soon)
  • keychain, cards, and a note from an author I've worked with (not pictured)

What freebies have you received lately? Share in the comments!